Friday, 10 August 2018

WALT improve times tables.

9E Boat power

TeKoha, Rykardo, Kayne, Zeke, Tarelle.

Change question: Why does vinegar and baking soda when
mixed transform by a chemical reaction? We want to know what

Prediction: It creates gases and a yucky smell and the cork
is going to blow off the bottle and the gas will keep out until
all the liquid has disappeared.

Observations:  we saw the bottle get bigger and wider

V\ideo link:   

Conclusion/ Answer to your question:

The chemical with vinegar and baking soda is gases that full
the plastic bottle with air that make the bottle harder and
harder. in side and makes the bottle wider and wider so the
vinegar  and baking soda makes a chemical that will make
the bottle huge.

Friday, 3 August 2018


Art is a cool thing to do you can do draw and a lot of other thing that you can do then you can create new thing like stick figures.

Today some of room 2 writing about Art.

What I found challenging
Was finding the picture.
What I found easy
Was writing.
What I might do next time.
Is work with my buddy.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

creative drawings

creative drawings        by tekoha,
Drawing is a fun is draw new things like a dinosaur' have to be carefull like real artist.some people are very good at art they can draw big things like a plane,big ships and big cities.some kids are good at art like justice he it is really good at art.artist take their time to  draw things that's how they are good at drawing. On the home